Over the past 15 years, Sanyang Construction has never forgotten its original intention, and has always adhered to the corporate culture of "Thanks for you, inclusive development, collaborative progress, due diligence, and innovation for the future". As a municipal construction company, we have a loyal, united, advanced and high-quality The team has a scientific management mechanism. Successfully completed the transformation from a single road construction to bridges, underground spaces, large shields and environmental protection industries, and at the same time has entered the EPC general contracting project mode. This is due to the good environment of national reform and opening up, entrepreneurship and innovation, and the care, support, and help of all walks of life, and the unremitting efforts and pursuit of all generations of Sanyang.

Looking back, we are full of pride; looking ahead, we are full of confidence. In the new tide of reform and development of the country, we will strive to build a century-old people's livelihood project. We will continue to uphold the business belief of "dedication to society with integrity, and creation of high-quality products with moral character", and shoulder the corporate social responsibility. Move forward.